Quality requires partners

Since its founding in 1987, the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra has been able to look back at a history of success almost unparalleled amongst orchestras in Germany.

A group of graduates of the Freiburg College of Music quickly became a nationally and internationally recognised ensemble that is now one of the world’s leading orchestras. Guest appearances in the world’s most famous concert halls and opera houses, and a regular presence at festivals in Salzburg, Lucerne, Aix and Edinburgh testify to the FBO’s exceptional status. The musicians also organise and run three successful series of subscription concerts at their own risk: in Freiburg’s Concert Hall, Stuttgart’s Liederhalle and Berlin’s Philharmonie.

The ‘Freiburgers’ are not just unique in artistic terms. The organisational form of the FBO is also unusual: the musicians themselves founded the original Freiburg Baroque Orchestra civil law association (GbR) to which only active orchestra members can belong. The current 26 musicians/partners make democratic decisions on their artistic development and thus steer the direction their company takes – employing a professional management for operative business.

In addition to musical/artistic perfection, it is precisely this structure that allows the musicians to maintain maximum commitment, to be passionate and inventive in order to achieve extraordinary and fascinating top performances.

The FBO is also a favourite of the international press and the worldwide public. Its concerts are almost always sold out and receive a lot of attention from the media.

Because we still have new ideas that we want to implement, even after more than twenty years, we need you and your company at our side. Invest in an exclusive and lively ensemble as our passionate and enthusiastic partner (this is how we would like to see our sponsors). Your return on investment, in terms of image and prestige, will be considerable!

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