Ensemble Akademy Freiburg

The FBO combined with the internationally respected Ensemble for New Music, also located in Freiburg, to found the Baden-Württemberg Ensemble Academy Freiburg in 2004. In courses and workshops, musicians from both ensembles, acting as teachers, pass on their knowledge and experience in the practical performance of contemporary and historic music to young musicians, music students and professional musicians.

Whereby the exchange and communication of differing musical perspectives is of prime importance, with intensive training in ensemble playing, reflection on higher-ranking topics (applicable to both historical and contemporary music) in discussions, as well as lunchtime and evening concerts by participants and performances by the teachers in the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra or ensemble recherche.

The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and the ensemble recherche have many things in common in their music-making attitude: both experiment with their music, both take new paths in sound and expression, and both analyse their scores like researchers in order to break out of entrenched conventions. The Ensemble Academy and the Ensemble House provide the ensemble recherche and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra with an opportunity to further develop in a constant mutual exchange, and pass on this development to the next generation of musicians. With such a shared musical credo, the distance between Baroque and modern music really isn’t particularly great.

Information on the next Ensemble Academy is available at www.ensemble-akademie.de